Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bones stanked like a corpse

I sure hope this wasn't the week that Justin finally listened to my pleas to give the show a fair shake. You'd think after a couple weeks off (thanks Baseball), they could write something decent. No dice. This was as watchable as Veronica Mars in college.

Thankfully, Earl looks hilarious tonight. I expect tonight to be the best episode so far this season.

In other news, has anyone been following Men in Trees? I know I pimped it a few times, but I had no comments. As far as romantic comedy goes, it's pretty good. That said, it's the only romantic comedy I watch.


Shari said...

I disagree with your opinion on Bones this week.

Especially the ending. You can't beat any movie or show that ends with a Grant Lee Phillips song. It made me slightly teary eyed.

Then I watched Standoff and bawled like a baby.

(But that could be because of the whole dead family thing.)

Ben said...

I dunno, between the goofy child star theme and the awkward love connection (which they thankfully killed), I thought it was mucho lame.

The music is pretty good. I think Bones replaced Judging Amy for me--the music was spectacular for that as well.

I gave up on Standoff. The female lead just bores me to tears. I actually have been catching Friday Night Lights instead. It's really that bad.

justin said...

Still no Bones for me. And, after a better episode last week, Veronica Mars jumped right back to sucking this week. Might be time to do more pruning in my TV schedule. In other The Wire. This show somehow refuses to suck. It may end up being the most completely engrossing HBO program yet (given the terrible downward slide of this year's Sopranos eps.)

Anonymous said...

Ben, you watch a lot of TV. I just can't find anything worth giving two shits about. You know, besides Prisonbreak.

Still going strong, yo.