Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thought of the day (night)

Anyone else think it's hilarious that John Goodman is the spokeman for Dunkin Donuts? I mean, I love Jon Lovitz for Subway, but Goodman, that's classic.

In other news, he's continued the role of "Aaron Sorkin's Bitch." He's got a guest spot on Studio 60 next week.


Dave said...

i saw a news segment that studio 60 is in danger of being cut. i think that would be a mistake of the same calibur as when fox cut living color, family guy, futurama, and family guy again.

of course, i blame nbc. they decided to premier it against monday night football, and CSI, the two highest rated shows on television. if they were smart, they would have at least given it a season to try and build up an audience before doing that, but i guess those execs at NBC are smarter than m... right? maybe?

pr they could be f-ing morons in suits, who have no freaking clue.

Ben said...

Yeah, I just read the same thing. Fox cut family guy again? Seriously?

I'm starting to think I should explore a career in the television industry.

By the way, Fox didn't cut In Living Color per se, they killed it. They began to take away Keenan Ivory Wayans creative control, and also began to censor funny material because it was too racy. Then in season 5, Keenan left and someone else took over.

Dave said...

fox didnt cut family guy again, but they have cut it 2 other times in the past