Friday, November 10, 2006

Guilt will have to wait

Though it seems inevitable that Studio 60 will meet the same fate that Saturday Night Live should have met after Will Ferrell left, Men in Trees has been moved to the promised land of Thursday. Maybe the powers that be read my blog. More likely, they just read the Nielson Ratings.

Studio 60 inspired me to do something I've never done before, not even for Futurama and Family Guy. I sent them a letter. I was polite. I even resisted the urge to start it off, "Dear Dumbfucks who couldn't figure out a show would fail when pitted against CSI and Monday Night Football...." I then suggested they cancel Friday Night Lights instead, and throw Studio into that slot.

I really tried to like Friday Night Lights. I tried to like that as much as I tried to like Prison Break (which also sucks, sorry DJ). It just doesn't go anywhere. If a guy that loves football can't get into the show, I just don't see how more than, say, 5 or 6 people in the nation could possibly be entertained.

Maybe I should pursue a career in television...not on it, but producing it.


Shari said...

Prison Break had potential to be a great show. If they would have written it for one season it would have been freaking unbelievable. I keep watching it though. I must be trying to convince myself that it may get better.

More shows need to be written in a one to two season format. They'd be killer. Like Carnival. (The most amazingly well written TV show to this day.)

Ben said...

I agree, I liked most of the first season of Prison Break. I lost interest towards the end. I tried to get back into it this year, and petered off after about three weeks. Blah.

I'm expecting some heated remarks from DJShovelpants any minute now.

Nicole said...

I started watching Prison Break 5 episodes ago.
I will be is only because one night, while my husband was watching it, it struck me exactly how HOT the two brothers are.

I can admit it.

Infact, the 2 other shows I watch, LOST..., I heart Jack and ER..., I fantasize about Luca.

I seem to have a fondness for dark haired, broad shouldered, hot, brooding, troubled men.

What more can I say????

Anonymous said...

That's cool if you don't like good shows, Ben. After all, you like Family Guy, the most disjointed and trying-too-hard cartoon I've ever seen.

I kid. Opinions are like assholes.

But no, I definitely think this Season has its ups and downs (like any other show), but I really dig the characters more than anything. Sure a lot of the clever stuff from Season 1 is gone and now it's just a mad dash to stay away from Johnny Law, but there have been some pretty cool developments.

If you haven't watched it all, then's not going to do much for you.

justin said...

I know my opinion means shit because I have bad taste, but I have to say that Prison Break is on a three episode hotstreak that has provided some of the best eps of the series. The complexion of the show has changed since they are out, but having them out has given the producers more room to work the plot. I got the feeling last season that the breakout plot had to be seriously padded even to make the requisite 20 episodes for a season. This season, I feel like the show had to drag early to get all of its balls in the air, and now it is all coming together very well. The asterisk to all this is the T-bag's severed hand plot...This requires suspension of disbelief like few shows have ever dared to ask, but it does provide some pretty cool twists.

Ben said...

Hey, I withdrew the bad taste comment when you concurred that Veronica Mars is crappy this year.

I actually sat through Prison Break again last night, just to make sure I know what I'm talking about. Here's my assessment:

1) The severed hand plot is retarded. Even worse, they somehow have this guy keep killing people who could undoubtedly kick the ever-living shit out of him in his weakened condition.

2) The whole plane to Mexico thing? Come on...I mean...COME ON!!! This was stupid. Not only would they have killed him, but in the unlikely event that he somehow did get the upper hand (like he did), do you honestly think they'd get him on the plane?

Anyway, I find the show slightly more palatable than Deal or No Deal. I think I'll stick to "nothing" instead. Also, since it now competes with House, my Veronica Experiment is over.

Shari, that's a very good idea. The problem is that none of the networks have the balls or the creativity to pull it off. When they find something that sells, they cling to it for dear life as long as they can (see: Friends, ER, CSI, CSI: Miami, Whatever other CSIs are out there, Survivor, etc).