Wednesday, November 15, 2006

House is getting ridiculous....

DJShovelpants recently said that I watch a lot of TV. Mostly, he's right, at least at first. I start strong, then taper off as things start to suck. I'm afraid House might be turning the corner. It's unfortunate, since it's my favorite show from last year.

At this rate, in another month, I'll be watching Studio 60 (if it hasn't been canceled) and Earl (if it doesn't take a one-way trip to browntown).


Anonymous said...

Browntown. Christ, that's good stuff.

Yeah, I recently ran into a problem. I got a HD cable box with a Tivo-like thing built in. I sat down with my wife and I said: 'Let's program some shit!'

Problem was? We don't watch anything TV-wise(other than Prisonbreak) with any real dedication.

We've got 60 hours worth of space and an hour a week to fill it.

Dave said...

Fox recently announced NBC had canceled Studio 60

Shortly thereafter, NBC announced they extended studios run until at least the end of the first full season.

ha! eat my excrement, fox!

Ben said...

Just because they bought three more episodes doesn't mean they ever have any intention of airing them. When questioned about their plans to cancel Studio 60, NBC had no comment.

Not good.

justin said...

As of today national newspapers are reporting that Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 have been ordered for the duration of the season. This means they are safe until May. They are both very expensive to produce so there is no way that NBC will contract to create them with no intention of bringing them to air. You might have to deal with time-slot shuffling, but you'll have the show.

Ben said...

Time-slot shuffling would be ideal, along with the cancellation of Friday Night Lights. The ONLY reason Studio hasn't faired better is because of who it competes against. It's incompetent scheduling that only FOX could match.