Sunday, January 14, 2007

Goddamn Vultures

It's a dark day in blogger world. We've lost one of our own--DJShovelpants, one of my favorite reads, is no more.

He had his reasons for calling it quits. That said, I've learned that when I decide to retire from web writing, I should NOT delete my blog. Apparently, Big Brother is watching, and he has an insatiable appetite for gay porn. DJ left me this message:

"All I did was delete my blog and within 2 hours, some porno a-holes snatched up my address and it's chock full of unsavory pics."

Marketing tactics are scary. Here's my basic assumption:

They know this guy had a fan base. They either check it regularly or have software that tells them when he quits. They snag the name and post smut in the hopes that one of his readers visits there accidentally and buys something.

Either that, or someone has played out an elaborate (and hilarious) practical joke on the recently departed.

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