Friday, January 19, 2007

Wee for a Wii

Above is Jennifer Strange, her husband, and three children. Below is the price of ignorance, and my two cents on stupidity.

I've been hesitant to post on this tragedy, but damnit, I've got some issues with the whole event that no one else is covering.

If you've been living in a box, basically a woman entered a radio contest that awarded a Nintendo Wii to the contestant who could drink the most water without peeing or puking. I know, it sounds like a great idea already.

Before reading further, you should listen to the excerpts of the show here.

My Issues:

1) About 30 seconds in, one of the DJs muses, "Can't you get water poisoning and, like, die? Maybe we should have researched this more...."

To that I say, "No shit, lady."

2) One of the hosts claims if it gets dangerous their body will automatically throw it up.

Are you serious? This is the freakin' 21st century and we're still giving people jobs that could be dangerous to others? Last I checked, this man was a Disc Jockey, not a Doctor.

3) Someone calls into the show, tells them the contestants could die, and they basically ignore her, and tell her it's okay because the contestants all signed releases.

Your dumb ass is about to find out releases aren't worth the paper they are printed on. After you file bankruptcy, I hope you listen to clips of the show, realize how much you were responsible, and kill yourself.

It's also worth noting at this point that I also think the contestant is a dumbass. Surely they can hear the callers. As soon as they hear it might kill them, it's time to quit.

4) There had to be a doctor listening. Why aren't they calling? And why didn't the station have an ambulance at the set, just in case? Does this station even have a manager?

5) Jennifer Strange turns down Timberlake tickets to continue the contest. She says everyone will hate her forever for doing so, but she really wants the Wii.

Well, Jennifer, since "forever" turns out to be "just a couple more days," it's no big deal.

6) Jennifer's head begins to hurt. They tell her it's her body telling her to puke.

Three hours have gone by at this point. They've got the internet. You'd think one of them had the common sense to look up "water poisoning" and "symptoms." Ignorance is amazing sometimes. The good news is it's at this point she quits and takes the Timberlake tickets.

7) The DJ tells her she looks really sick.

Here's an idea, douchebag: call an ambulance and have a medical professional take a look.

Is the station/DJs at fault? Sure. I hope they get the pants sued off of them, and all the ignorant DJs are committed to mental institutions.

Is Jennifer just as stupid? Sorry to speak ill of the recently deceased, but yes.

Folks, use your heads. If you enter a contest, be sure to read up the possible outcomes of your participation. Talk it over with friends, doctors, and anyone else who will tell you that you're a moron before you kill yourself for a video game.


Louie said...

Personally I think this is typical of human behaviour. This women gave up her life, for an electronic gizmo which helps you waste time!

And that nobody understood that drinking too much water is dangerous, highlights the fact that people should be paying much more attention in their science classes. It really does provide you with knowledge helpful in all aspects of life.

Here's to natural selection. ;)

team gingerbread said...

I think people need to stop blaming the hosts (who are at fault mostly because they could have covered a few more bases - precautions wise) and look to personal responsibility.

To the casual observer this is the dumbest contest known to man, and I think most people have heard of water poisoning (I had by the age of 8) so there's really no excuse on her end as for the risks unless she was raised in a cave by wolves.

While I feel sorry for her family, this was truly a preventable tragedy and in the end her greed was what cost her her life - she deserves a Darwin award.

I've also heard that the Sacramento Police are doing a formal investigation on the matter.

Ben said...

Yes, the police are investigating and pretty much everyone who worked at the station was fired.

I absolutely believe the hosts are responsible, but only 1/2. It took a whole bunch of retards in the same room to screw up this badly, the participant included.

Anonymous said...

Actually, no the contestants could not hear the callers and therefore did not hear the folks who called in with warnings.

This is pretty common in radio--keeping contestants away from outside contact. Gives the station more control over them.

Damn, I'm so glad I left that busines.

Poetchime said...

Sheer stupidity. Why would they not have her stay until she felt better or seek medical attention for her when she clearly stated she was not feeling well? Idiots, I too hope everyone at this station finds a warm safe place tucked tightly inside a padded room for this. Unreal. And very neglectful. And very very sad.

Barry Mahfood said...

Ben, you are on target in your assessment of the situation. What happened reminds me of the nature shows, when the animal of low intelligence decides to take a dip in the river, only to be eaten by a hungry croc. Those genes will not get passed on. In Jennifer's case, they already did. But it stops there.

Nick said...

From a personal perspective... and i know it is irrelevant now, how much water are we talking?

As a schoolboy (before I learned such ideas are stupid), I once did something similar... drank every jug of water that was available in the canteen on a gentlemen's bet.

As I recall, I was peeing clear for the rest of the day... had a headache and acted seemingly drunk. How close to the wind was I actually sailing back then?



Ben said...

No need to feel foolish--I don't recall hearing about water poisoning until I was close to my teens.

In all honesty, a doctor could tell you better than I could, but I bet you were closer than you'd probably care to know about in hindsight.

Tisha! said...

That's outrageous! Who in their right mind would hold it in!?

Vlad said...

You should really have NOT posted about this. Have some respect for the dead... Like seriously.

Why does everyone think they should disrespect people? I guess that's America for you.

Dave said...

Vlad, what boggles my mind is why someone becomes a saint after they die?

it is true, a lot of americans are assholes, myself included (and usually first in line) but if something is verbosely stupid, i see no harm calling a spade, dead or not.

as for blame, i post it squarely on the contestantss, the station manager, and whoever came up with the idea. the DJs were very insensitive in hindsight, but they were doing exactly what they get paid to do, and if they didnt know it was wrong...well, i dont think it should be thier responsablity to research the product they are selling, only to sell it.... if they knew soilent green was made out of people, they probably woulnd have tried to sell it.

i quote dan bern
"darwin tried his best"