Sunday, January 21, 2007

Old Friends and Red Auerbach

Some very good friends from Pennsyltucky just dropped in for the weekend for a visit. We spent the weekend having a grand ol' time in Boston, including the this desecration of a legend. I hope his sense of humor is as keen as his skills as a coach. (I do feel slightly guilty because he died last October).

We also went to the Medieval Manor Theatre for dinner. This fine establishment offers a six course meal, eaten without silverware, while the King and his court entertain in a very interactive production. If there is one near you, check it out. The one in Boston is worth every penny.

Hail to the King, Baby. Good God, am I ever loaded in the above pic.

Since inappropriate photography was a theme in Boston this past weekend, I feel I should also share one more shot with you. I call it, "Me love you long time!":

Looks like I wasn't the only one up for desecration--if you look closely, the Captain was here.

I capped off the weekend watching my Bears in a great game (until the 4th quarter) as they advance to the Super Bowl to meet the Colts. It's also worth noting that for the first time in history, a black coach is in the big game. In fact, there's two. Congratulations to Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. I know a lot of men and women made sacrifices so that you would be allowed to represent them. It's pretty stylish that you get to represent together.

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EC said...


A New Englander who didn't want the Pats to win? A New Englander who rooted for the Bears???

God help me, you best be from Chicago :-)

And yes, of course you are right, they did make history which is great... but let me seek solace in that tomorrow... today I'm going to mourn my "Savior of the Universe" ;)

Dave said...

Emmie said...

well seems u people had a rocking time this weekend... interesting photos ..... i liked going through your blog ... i would surely love to visit again.... well u can too drop by My friendship Blog sometimes... hope u will find it interesting...!!!

Tisha! said...

All sponsored up LOL! Gr8 pics Ben and you obviously had a terrific time and you do look freakin loaded in the pic ha ha!

I'm blogrolling you even without your permission!

Ben said...

Very happy to have fans, Tisha, especially when I enjoy reading their blogs as well.

Barry Mahfood said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a fantastic weekend. I lived in Saugus for a while. I miss Boston sometimes, until I remember shoveling snow and scraping ice off my driveway.

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elfcat said...

Very interesting. Was there anything in Boston that you didn't try to desecrate;-)
Good Luck for a Super Bowl win. I guess its about time.