Monday, January 22, 2007

Fall Series Continue

This is my brother in NYC. We noticed it looked like someone had "an eruption" on the sign near his head.

Anyway, NYC makes for a nice segue to tonight's topic, the return of Heroes, as well as Studio 60, and the rest of the watchable new shows that arrived last fall. I wanted to solicit some opinions...

First, Heroes. Certainly the most-hyped show of the season. I thought the first episode was really good, followed by nine episodes of useless set-up, followed by a really interesting season finale. Now, there is talk of introducing a new character, with a new power, that will inevitably require more plot set up. I've tempered my expectations.

This show could have been so much better. Too much build up, not enough delivery or focus.

Since I only have one bad thing to say about Studio 60, this will be short. They need to drop the whole shenanigans with Danny's romantic interest in Jordan. Matthew Perry's romantic dilemma is plenty for this show.

Finally, it's worth noting that the return of Men in Trees licked sweaty crevasse. It was a disappointing return for a surprisingly good show.

In other news, it looks like the Diabetes (thanks, Wilford) has claimed another young former star. Bam Bam Bigelow was found dead in his home.


girl said...

You make me think that I need to watch more television. I've only ever even heard of Heros and have not seen ANY of the shows

Ben said...

Studio 60 is the best thing to happen to television since another show you've never heard of, Freaks and Geeks. For some reason, network execs take great shows and either put them on Friday nights (when nobody watches) or on Monday night against football and CSI.


Jen said...

I noticed that the sign with the "eruption" on it is preceded by several pictures of you in various suggestive positions. Is there a natural progression here?

Tisha! said...

an eruption huh!? I got ya ROFL and love your subtlety!

Nice pic btw

I was sad to read about Bam Bam I never missed a pro-wrestling match when I was younger and gee now you remind me I have so much to say about that - I'm going to do a post on it and link to you!