Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State o' the Union

I feel the need to once again apologize, as this is not a political blog (most of the time). I just need to take a couple stabs at good ol' Bushie.

I made it through about 1/2 of the address before finally yielding to Veronica Mars. If you've read any of my posts about what I think of Veronica Mars, it speaks volumes.

I'll give him this, it was pretty classy to make a big deal out of being the first president to say "Madam Speaker." I wish he'd make a habit out of being classy. Anyway here's the thing he said that caught my attention and inspired this post:

"We need to reduce oil consumption by 20% over X number of years..."


Why not follow that with "we need to improve teenage abstinence to 100% in X number of years?"

You want to reduce oil consumption? Make Urban drivers of Hummers pay 100% tax on the cost of their vehicles.

In other news, please welcome the latest addition to my blogroll, Serenity Quest. Those spots aren't given lightly, and they're taken away at will, but I promise she doesn't disappoint. Coincidently, she's right under my favorite link, PostSecret.

While you're all link-whoring around, be sure to visit my favorite site, www.dubyaspeak.com for the complete collection of every public blunder our commander in chef has ever made (that's great man, but who are the Chefs?).


justin said...

This from Veronica's greatest champion...the show continued to underwhelm this evening...as did Prison Break from last night's TIVO archives...Could it be that I'm getting bored with television? Also, I caught a marathon of Studio 60 on Bravo yesterday. I'm with those who think it's overrated.

Tisha! said...

I'm so flattered Brotha Man! and doubly flattered to be under PostSecret!!


Your Sista from anotha mista

Ben said...

Yeah, I gave up on Prison Break about 5 episodes into the first season. The brains behind the action is a decent actor, but the brawn is clearly a toolbag who couldn't act his way on to a soap opera.

Studio is hit or miss, I'll give you that. But it's very well written (until last monday) and clever (also until last monday), and the chemistry is very good.

I still say (to my surprise as much as anyone's) Men in Trees was the best show to hit television that you don't have to pay for last fall. Hopefully it doesn't continue to suck like last week.