Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Physical Graffiti

This post is going to be a mishmash of hodgepodge I've been meaning to get around to. On to the first order of business:

You'll notice a new button at the bottom left for something called "ExLinks." I have no idea what this is, but I've signed up for it. If anyone knows anything about what I'm getting myself into, please advice. All I know is it, in theory, will increase readership and stroke my enormous...ego.

iPods are great. I'm still learning, but so far, it's been very enjoyable. I now get to enjoy music in my car until I can swap out my stereo for one that, you know, works. Maybe I'll tell that story in my next post.

Shortly, I'll have my Fuji S2 Pro back in custody and fully operational. What does this mean to you, you ask? It means more and better pictures. For me, however, it means much more. I leaked a rumor that I would be going into business for myself (again), and naturally, this baby is the key to founding my new studio. We're exploring potential locations right now and writing a business plan. Once I'm fully operational, I'll link the new website, as well as photos of the new digs. Here's to me making my first million, and more importantly, answering to no one. (and by "no one" I mean "just my wife").

Also, I've decided I've become way too television oriented. The next post you read here regarding television will be in 2008, when Futurama returns. Movies can stay.

Speaking of movies, what's everyone looking forward to? My guilty pleasure tells me I'll enjoy Epic Movie (try to stop shuddering, Justin). Anytime someone makes fun of blockbuster movies that I typically hate (Harry Potter excluded, but he's played by a Kid from the Hall), it's going to go over well with me. My friend Kenny is very excited about 300, and after seeing the trailer, it might be pretty cool. Frank Miller writes, and though I never caught Sin City, but I heard some good things.

Things are heating up with merger talks between Sirius and XM satellite radio. As a Sirius stockholder, I'm excited. That said, I'd dump it shortly after the merger happens for the same reason I'm not excited as a subscriber. A merger would shoot the stock price up, but I can't imagine customer service would be in the competitive spirit anymore. XM uses different technology than Sirius, so the transition may not be a smooth one. Not to mention mergers are costly and time consuming. I'm pretty sure I could sell, watch it plummet, and then if it appears they're on the road to recovery, I could jump back in on the cheap.

Last thing: I'd like to split up my blogroll. I'd like one set of links to be regular reads, and another group for useful sites, places I like to go, etc. Is there a way to do that?

So there you have it. Stock tips, movies, television, photography, iPods, and ExLinks. Hodgepodge at it's finest.


Tisha! said...

We're all pretty clueless about ExLinks maybe it's a social experiment LOL who signs up without knowing wat it is.

With regards to dividing the blogroll, I am not sure how it works with "blogrolling" but I decided to simply change my blogroll in my HTML template and it's very convenient. That way I can divvy it as I wish.

Take care Ben!

Sue said...

I have no idea what Exlinks will do, and therefore have not signed up yet. I do know some people who signed up at the beginning and are still waiting to see what will happen with it. ???????

dj shovelpants said...

You must see Sin City. You just...must.

As for the working for yourself thing, good luck, man! I'm hoping this is the year I do the same. Just need that book to take off and I'm out of 'the man's' pocket.