Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jocelyne Wildenstein

Meet Jocelyne Wildenstein. Jocelyne is a woman I had never heard of before this morning.

She married a wealthy New Yorker, but I don't think she's a typical New York Socialite. I think she really loved the man she married, because it's the only logical reason her story could transpire as it did.

The only reason I know her now is because an article about a botched plastic surgery caught my eye. Today, she looks something like this:

If you're as interested as I was about how something like this can happen, I suggest you read this website. Clearly, she was misguided in her reasoning, but it's still a somewhat touching story. If you'd like a shorter read, here's the extremely abridged version, but I think it leaves out some key details. When you're through there, here's a gallery of most of the photos available of Jocelyn on the web.

Now, if you'd like something lighter and more comical, here's a slide show of some of the more tragic cosmetic surgeries in Hollywood. The first slide is that of the lead singer for the 80s band Dead or Alive. He's going through plastic surgery hell right now. Mickey Rourke isn't looking so good either.


Tisha! said...

That's so tragic! Terrible how many people feel the need to go under the knife...there are so many risks involved. But that's easy for me to say with my looks LMAO JUST KIDDING!

Some of the link you put didn't work Ben, not to criticize just wanted to view them...thanks!

Ben said...

Thanks for the heads up. All but one should be working now, and I have no control over the one.

The long story short is that her husband would go through long bouts of depression, seemingly only made happy by his artwork and his giant cats (lions and such).

She had the surgery to look younger the first time, and it helped. When he went back into depression again, she wanted to look more like the only thing that made him happy.

MarkD60 said...

I can't look at that stuff, just the pics you posted gave me the willies!