Thursday, February 15, 2007


___________________ "I'm going to steal your money."

If you enjoy reading this blog, but believe in mediums and psychics, you should probably stop reading right now. This post is guaranteed to offend you.


Whenever someone tells me they watch "Crossing Over" with John Edward, and not for the comedic value, I immediately deduct 15 from their highest possible IQ.

John Edward and Allison DuBois were on Oprah today (please don't ask why I was watching Oprah. It's not a regular occurrence). While I watched, it dawned on me why I'm not a millionaire.

It's because I have a conscience.

John clearly follows a formula. It's been made fun of on South Park--I searched for clips on YouTube, but unfortunately, all I could come up with was tomorrow's post--Mormons. Anyway, what Johnny Boy does is starts very generic ('I see the letter J---does anyone know someone whose name started with J?') and works to very specific (Dumb audience member: My dad's dead..his name was John...) and then says something obvious, but makes it look like a tremendous revelation. He'll follow up with something like 'Yes, John, that's it. He died recently, right?'

What the hell is 'recently?' Two weeks? Two years? He lets your imagination fill in the gaps where he is clearly lacking. I'm amazed how susceptible we are to suggestion as a society.

Anyway, I was so infuriated by the seemingly large number of people who believe these BLATANT LIARS (77% of Oprah's poll), I called dear ol' mum to vent. Turns out she is one of the 77%--not really, but she was unsure if she believed them or not. So I spewed out a little known statistic. My claim was that no medium has ever given police real information in solving a crime. The bad news is, I misspoke. The good news is, not by much. Here's a cited quote from Wikipedia:

"No psychic detective has ever been praised or given official recognition by the F.B.I. or US national news for solving a crime, preventing a crime, or finding a kidnap victim or corpse."

South Park summed it up so much better, and with much more humor, but if you believe in this sort of thing, please read some of the links in this text. It takes an incredible leap of faith to think these aren't more than very good cons.

The last bit of evidence? James Randi has a open invitation $1 million dollar challenge. If you can prove you have supernatural abilities, the money is yours. Allison DuBois refused the challenge, citing that there was no proof the money even existed. Does she not see the irony here?

And all John Edwards does is exploit the victims of 9/11. Eat rocks and die, jerk.


MC said...

I think you'll like this:

Candy Minx said...


How was your corn and beef dinner last week? I love beef too...but still try not to buy corn fed...I find corn gives me a tummy ache too.

I was so pleased to read new thoughts from a new person at my blog last week...sorry its taken me so long to drop by yours.

I loved this post...and I feel similar I loved the South Park episode relating...actually South Park this last season has been so good...did you see all the ones about the future with Richard Dawkins etc?

For some reason...I thought I'd post about the unexplained today...even though I really don't have too many unexplained things happen to me, I mean like psychic I'm not at all.

And then I had Oprah on in the background and this very show was on. Edwards guy really bothered me I felt he was a phony.

Great post and great to "meet" you!!! It looks like we have some fave books in common.


Ellie said...

I wonder if anyone has tried to pass the test.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to live in the realm of possibility. The universe is an amazing place - who am I put limits on it? I guess you can say I'm a dreamer, and a magic bean buyer.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

It is difficult for me to believe that anyone could believe John Edward (psychic, LOL), but then I see the kind of politicians that get elected, the kind of people that others admire, and understand. People will believe anything they want to believe. I loved the south Park parody of him. Making millions on others grief is terrible and that is what Edward does.

I caught my Mom watching his show one day and I showed her how he pulled answers out of people. She doesn’t watch anymore.

To answer Ellie, yes people have taken the challenge and lost.

People are Gullible and believe what they want to believe. The millionaire comment rings true.

I always think, if there are true psychics why are there so few lottery winners?

Ben said...


I can't get sound on that site for some reason. I'll try to figure it out.


Thanks for stopping in!


People have indeed tried, and no one has passed. I guess James has made a hobby out of debunking frauds.


Believe me, I don't rule anything outside the realm of possibility. I believe in an afterlife, and that those in said afterlife can communicate with those not there yet. My conclusion that these two are frauds is based on the links, and personal experience.

Is it possible spirits communicate with us? Sure. Is it possible that some guy can call your dead aunt martha and give you a vague message from beyond in exchange for a couple hundred bucks a sitting? Well, the money is real.

MC said...

It may be because when I posted the link was too long for the box.

This better?

yellowdog granny said...

hmm, a spirit came to me...he said he had a message for you know someone with the letter t....? terry?...some one named terry said john is making it all up...oh, no one by the name of terry?..must have been the guy in the next blog...

Ben said...

No, it must be Thomas! My son's name is Thomas! He was named after his great grandfather, David Thomas McKnight!

You're truly amazing, Granny. You should get into the psychic business! You made a believer out of me!

Doctor Fong said...

Wow I really enjoy your site. I am a great lover of tall tales.