Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm going to try something new tonight. I'll be updating this post at every commercial from house. I know it's short notice, but if people are down with it, I'll start doing it for other shows too.

In other news, there is only two days left to vote for the idiot of the week! You can find the poll at the bottom of the lower left corner. Get those F5 (refresh) buttons ready, folks!


And we're off! Hopefully at least one other person is reading this, and will comment. Otherwise, I'll probably bail.

9:04---Cool camera work on the 18-wheeler. Also, thank God he hit them. I was going to throw myself in front of an 18-wheeler if I had to hear another minute of their conversation.

9:13---"You could have left the scarf at home...just tell him you're the one wearing a look of desperation." That, ladies and gentlemen, is why this show kicks the ever-living crap out of ER.

Good start so far. Except for Foreman's girlfriend. I don't remember her existing before this episode, and by default, whether she did or not, she's a shitty character.

9:27---I'd love to show up at my boss's blind date. Anyone catch the name of the website? singlemamba somethingerother?

This girl is messed up. Why would she run? It's a good thing she can't feel pain, because I'd get medieval on her ass. I suppose that's why I'm not a doctor. Or a cop.

If I don't get a comment in the next 5 minutes, it's time to bail. I hate it when I have potentially really good ideas at the last possible minute (with no time to pimp them).

9:44---It seems House's team is resisting him more than they used to. Are they growing up, or is House losing his air of infallibility? I guess we'll leave that question for the ages. I'm calling it a night, since this clearly came too late to get any party-goers. Any interest in Bones, or the Thursday Night spectacular from 8pm to 11pm? Leave a note, I'll consider it.


yellowdog granny said...

I started out really liking House, but now..all I want to do is slap the shit out of him....he never gets anything right, until the patient is going into a coma, or cardiac arrest..and the only one on the show I really liked was sela ward and she's not on any more..
and you are missing the boat on ER..it's still one of the best..especially since they got john stamos on..and they had forest whitaker on and he was kick ass...I am so pissed right now at the tv god's...they put lost up against medium and 24 against heroes..fuckity fuck fuck fuck...

ps..drop by thursday..the goddess is going to be answering all questions and then friday I will post the answers...

Attila The Mom said...

My guys would KILL me if I was downstairs in the office during House. So sorry I didn't participate. LOL

My questions and answers...

1). Is breaking and entering part of a doctors' job description? How many times now has he sent one of the little Houselets to toss some patient's home? 3? 4?

2). Foreman's g-friend was in a previous episode. IIRC, House thought she was Chase's chick and harassed them a bit.

3). I thought it was rather cheesy of Cameron and Chase to do that little "Friends with Benefits" dance at the end of the episode considering they got married in real life a month or so ago.

4). Tapeworms. Eww. Never saw that one coming!

Ellie said...

I have been snowed in for two days ben...sorry I didn't make it here. I don't normally blog at home...gotta 2 year old at my feet!

Last night was icky though. That worm almost made me puke!

Ben said...

Granny: In his defense, it wouldn't be much of a show if he figured out the diagnosis three minutes into the show. He always gets it right in the end.

No ma'am, I've seen ER. I've seen it since they got Stamos. It's a giant steaming pile of poo. if you're not into "men in trees" (it lacks in action), I suggest going with Shark. Court drama instead of Hospital drama.

I've never been entertained by Lost either. My wife likes Medium, but I think I do a fair amount of blogging in that time. Heroes is tanking quickly, and 24 was better than I remember it. If my vote counts for anything....

Attila Hmmmm. I really liked blogging during the show, but I'm going to scrap it if nobody shows up next time. I think it could be awesome with free dialog.

Given Omar Epps sordid past on the show, I think House gets some enjoyment on reminding him of his "roots." It's way over 3 or 4. I'd say half of season 1 for sure.

His girlfriend sucks. I'm glad she appears to be gone.

I agree about chase and cam. The episode took a nosedive in the last 3 minutes, but I can forgive that. I hope it doesn't go anywhere.

I didnt see the worms coming either.

Here's my question. The answer came to house when wilson mentioned "do you just like being the first to the kill or something?" I thought he was having a revelation about Cutty, but I later realized it was the worm. So is he just messing with cutty? Or does he want to be first to the kill?

Ellie I hope you can make it sometime!

TMLSBadmin said...

i think it was single mamba lovers looking for a father figure dot com.

awesome episode.

p.s. check your email. I sent you some code.