Thursday, February 08, 2007

Special Awards Ceremony

I've decided one of the new improvements to this blog will be regular features. I'm dubbing Thursdays "Special Awards" day, for special people. Each week, I'm going to feature an idiot that made the news with his or her own stupidity. Please feel free to submit your own idiots as you stumble across them, as there's just no way I could find them all.

And even as I type, I have a great idea. I recently stumbled on a website that allows you to post a poll on your blog. You, valued readers, will decide the weekly idiot.

I'll post the poll, along with links to their respective stories. Read the articles (if you aren't already familiar with them), then cast your vote. Winners will be announced the following week.

This week is a head to head match up, since I didn't have much time to find more dumbasses. In the blue corner, diaper-donning astronaut Lisa Novak. In the red corner, (alleged) compulsive masturbater William Barret.

Enjoy the new feature. Vote at the bottom of the left column.


Tisha! said...

kewl new template Ben!

My vote goes with Billy the Kid dude, if more like a sicko than idiot but may have to revise your "special awards" to reflect that LOL

Carl Bryant said...

Love the template, Ben - it rocks.

Idiot of the week is soooo limiting. It'll take forever for everyone to get their turn. There's only so many weeks in the year.

I'll vote for Gina Orr (Britney Spears' manager) who publicly denied allegations that Britney was into lesbian group sex. Now there's an image you could sell - and she just tossed it away.

Nicole said...


well the woman got my vote.
Public whackers are icky, but at least he can claim it was the drugs...

as for the woman, now that is just so nasty and STUPID.

NO man is worth pissing yourself for and sitting in it for hours...
I am ashamed that this person has breasts!!! :)

I added you to my links and I also left you a suggestion in your box, just so you know.

People in the Sun said...

Nicole, at least the astronaut was acting from passion for another human; the other dude was turned on by snow.

Nicole said...

mmmmhhh, I'm not buying that!!!

Here's a quote from a great Canadian man.
Reason before Passion

10 points if you can guess who it is
hint*..a former Canadian P.M.
a very charasmatic man

Hey, are you also saying snow ain't sexy??? :)

I thought this was a poll on stupidity, not questionable sexual preferences!!! lol

People in the Sun said...

Nicole, what's Canada?

But yes, snow is sexy (at least it's sexier than a pee-smelling car).

I was just joking about Canada. I know what it is. It's that place in the north.

Nicole said...

People in the Sun said...
Nicole, what's Canada?

People, obviously, you have never been to Canada...
maybe you have...what are you, male or female?
We have a ritual Friday evenings here up in Canada...
Friday Night Steak and Blow Job Night.
It's our country's best kept secret...but shhh don't tell anyone! :)

and snow is ALOT sexier then a pee-pee smelling car!!! Plus, it helps keep certain items perky...but don't get too excited, it also causes shrinkage!!! :)