Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Turd Watch

This isn't a sponsored post. It's just a great site for football lovers.

It's time to pimp my favorite I wish I could say I've followed them since the beginning, but the truth is, I missed the first year or so.

This site is the absolute best football rumor mill on the net (they actually have factual content). When they aren't breaking stories, they're trying to change the NFL, in a humorous way.

One of the biggest problems with the NFL is it's becoming the NBA. Every star is also a convict. It sends mixed messages to the kids. This problem has caused ProfootballTalk to spawn the "TurdWatch."

TurdWatch tracks arrests and convictions of players on each team throughout the calendar year.

"The scoring system is simple. Seven points for a felony arrest. Three points for a misdemeanor arrest. One point for a conviction," per the website.

Currently, Tennessee took an early lead, but San Diego is closing the gap. No worries, the Bengals plan on storming the standings all at once.

I think the real intent of the turdwatch is to inspire the NFL to actually punish players and teams that can't seem to figure out they are role models. I hope they succeed. I mean, does anyone watch the NBA?


Gigi said...

The new site looks great! How, darling, did you do this???

Nicole said...

hey nice place!

I especially like you full moon!!

Well, NOT your full moon, silly, but the one on your home page!!!
very mysterious looking!!!

When I get a spare minute, I will add you to my links too!!!

I am excited for you about your new photo-shop venture!!
Best of luck, of course.

see you soon, Benny :)

Lindsay said...

Nice remodel.

Now on to more important matters... did anyone pick Anna Nicole Smith for their under 60?? I can't believe I didn't think of her!