Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm tired...

Just spent a couple days with the in-laws, so I'll be brief:
  1. Heroes continues to blow. I'm done with it.
  2. The Black Donnellys went from "cool with potential" to "hour-long suckfest."
  3. The Bears traded a great running back for a bag of cheetos (and kept their suck RB)
  4. They are also about to lose an awesome OLB.
  5. ProFootballTalk insists the Bears are high on a TE who can't block.
Yeah, not a great day. The good news is I've just about wrapped up my business plan, and I've got a good beat on a location that's damned close to ideal. A little pricey, but not bad at all. I'll let you know how it turns out--hopefully this week.


Zander said...

Question about Heroes, because I intend on watching the entire first season next week -- did you every enjoy it? Or have you always thought it was crap? Because I've only seen one episode but I really liked the concept, even if it was a bit silly at times. I think I could get into it.

Jaek said...

I have to say that I completely disagree with you on Heroes and The Black Donnelys.

SUE said...

I love "Heroes"...the fake Simone resurrection rocked. I don't care if it's cheesy or ridiculous. I'm too hooked to care, sort of like my unabashed love of "Prison Break."

Black Donnellys on the other hand? Feh. The only thing worth watching the last ep. for was Tommy with his shirt off. Who knew that pasty dude was hiding a ridiculous body?

Ben said...


I loved the idea behind heroes. The execution is just mundane. It consists of 90% set up, 10% execution (at the end of the season).


Eh, Heroes just sort of faded for me. If you read what I thought about the first episode of TBD, I was stoked. I just felt the second episode was lame. I felt like I was watching schtick, where they got to tackle one funny problem after another. The good news is I heard back from 451, and they want me to do a heroes blog. So perhaps I'm not done with it yet.


I was finally able to quit watching prison break. It Sucks with a capital S.

Since Tommy with his shirt off doesn't do much for me, the episode was a complete wash. The only thing likable was the price he paid for God answering his prayer. I thought that was cool. The rest could have it's legs broken with a sledge hammer, stuffed into a can, shot, and pushed into the ocean.