Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Christina Hardaway, Revisited

Some of you may recall a fairly shameless plug I posted last year for a friend. I urged you, if you ever wanted to give to a deserving stranger, there was no one I could think of more worthy than Christina.

One of my earliest memories is the day she almost kicked my ass in high school. I had pissed off her brother, probably by being the jerk I was in high school, and he turned her loose on me. Fortunately, it didn't escallate. Though I was a man of honor who refused to strike a woman, I'm pretty sure she could kick my ass anyway.

Many years ago, Christina was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave her two months to live. Many years later, I had a chance to visit her. She had transformed like a butterfly.

The Christina I sat with last summer was an old soul. She was gentle and kind, and a loving mother who was blessed enough to see her boy growing up for years when doctors gave her days.

I wish this story had a happier ending, I really do. It is with a heavy heart that I said goodbye today. Christina passed this afternoon, leaving behind a beautiful son, two loving brothers, a sister, her parents, and her grandmother. Rest easy, Christina. I'm sure you are very tired, and you've earned your peace after this battle inside you. Thanks for leaving me a little softer than if I had never known you.

Say a little prayer for the rest of the Hardaways tonight. Christina is finally free.


Ellie said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Had I known about her charity I would have donated as cancer is a very special cause close to my heart. I know what it is to watch someone passaway, all too well, from cancer.

My prayers are with your friends family....and with you, as I am sure you greatly feel the loss of your friend. I am happy though that she left a little of her 'peace' with you. That truly is a gift from God.

elfcat said...

I am so sorry Ben. I hope Ray and his family are able to find peace.

Nicole said...

Benny, I am also very sad to read this. I will keep good thoughts for her family, that they may eventually heal from their sad loss.