Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Name My Business

I've picked out a location. It's right between an Ice Cream Parlor, a toy store, and a muffin shop. I need a name, so bounce your ideas off me.

The theme will be antique and contemporary photography, focusing mainly on children. By antique, I mean this:

The names I'm leaning towards are Memories of Marblehead or Milestones of Marblehead. Vote for one of those, or submit another. We're not married to the names, yet.

If you're interested in investing, email me at


Anonymous said...

your old bud kristin here man. starting a business? good show old man! I dunno, those names are not making anything jingle. why not mcknight photography? (yeah i know, oooh how original. gimme a break my neck is stiff as hell and my car got totalled yesterday because of a bathroom vanity cabinet from home depot. i am not at my peak) anyhow. i'll roll the ide around in my rattled brains n see if i can come up with anything. we ARE in america home of the self involved so you could put your name in there somewhere. oh, and i love your kid's mohawk. have you considered dreads? c'mon! how cool would that be!

Paul said...

I work on an archives website, and we had some amusing (and quickly rejected) suggestions for the site name. They'd be amusing for your store too:

"Selective Memories"
"Archival Revival"
"I See Dead People"