Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christina Hardaway

I know I just posted three minutes ago, but this is important.

Christina is my best friend's sister. She is a single mother who is pretty much bedridden with terminal cancer. That's the bad news.

The good news is she was only given a few months to live, several years ago. Though I know she's in a good deal of pain most of the time, she is blessed in that she's been able to watch her son grow up a lot more than the doctors told her she would.

Anyway, her brother is broke, but he wants to do something nice for her. If you've got some loose change kicking around, and you think Christina could use a laptop (since she cant, you know, go outside) more than you can use loose change, send it her way.

I'm going to kick her $20, and I'll try to match anything given through this blog--just let me know how much in the comments. I say try because I'm pretty freakin' poor myself, and I'll have a new mouth to feed before Christmas...maybe Thanksgiving. Thanks all, for whatever you can.


Ray said...

Benny, thaks for the promo.. chrissy will appreciate it (although i don't intend to tell her till we get the comp. I just read your thing on Brad & Angelina, that was comedy genius...

Zander said...

You've gone quiet...should we be concerned??

Ben said...

You should--I was laid off last week. We're in pretty good spirits, but it was pretty shitty of my former company. I was getting ready to ask to be transfered to a different manager, they had other plans.

Nothing nearly made me go ape-shit like the line they handed me:

"We think it's in everyone's best interests if we go in different directions."

Tell me again how it is in my best interest to be unemployed with a wife, a child, and another to be born in December? Thanks.

Nicole said...

OMG Benny, I am SO sorry.

I will keep good thoughts for you .

Zander said...

Oh that is bullshit, sorry to hear it. Although I'm pretty confident you'll land on your feet, keep us updated dude.