Monday, October 09, 2006

Kids shows say the darnedest things...

For example, today, while watching "Bob the Builder" with my son, this exchange transpired:

Unidentified Machine: "We can put it in my dumper!"
Bob the Builder: "Whoa! That would be a mistake!"
UM: "Really?"
BB: "Yes, it's WAY too big..."

If there was ever a reason to get Tivo, that was it.


Jaek said...

I have chosen to leave Bob's dumper alone.

I have noticed the same phenomenon of seemingly innoccuous phrases having other meanings when taken out of the context of a children's show.

kristin said...

that bob is a saucy bit of all right there isn't he? i've found it necessary to leave the room on more than one occasion during the Wiggles. usually to throw up.

Jaek said...

Have you seen the Doodlebops? The Fuh? Apparently, we are letting writers do hallucanegenic drugs then put their visions on tv in the guise of childrens' programming. Through in a brief moral lesson amongst the detritus of weird colored people with fat fingers and you got a show.

Jaek said...

I meant that to be weird-colored people, not weird colored people.