Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Veronica Mars Rules

And what I mean by "rules" is "sucks."

Justin, you liar. I sat through two episodes of this horse shit. I'm not sure which I hated most, her snarkiness, or the faux-tattoo sleeves she wore in the premiere. Balls to you, my friend. Balls to you.

On the good television side of things, Studio 60 continues to be everything I thought it would, Heroes has some enjoyable characters, but the writing is only so-so, and Men in Trees is becoming the Friday surprise. For as much as I hate Ann Heche, it's a pretty good show if you have nothing to do on Fridays, which I usually don't.

My buddy list has disappeared. I don't have an explanation for it, but it's decidedly gone. Hopefully it reappears without too much trouble. Not that it does me any good, since my readers have totally abandoned me by the looks of things. Not one comment about Bob's Dumper. I'm very disappointed in all of you.


Nicole said...

buddy list...gone...well I never made it to THAT list so, doesn't bother me to much that it's gone!!!

as for comments about Bob, it would probably DESERVE to get zapped off so I saved us both the trouble :)

justin said...

Horse shit may be a little harsh, but I must confess that as much as I raved about the previous seasons of Veronica Mars, I am less than thrilled with the first two college episodes. Go back and watch season one. It's way good. These episodes...not so much. The show is on the verge of cancellation because it used to be too smart for its own good. It seems like in an effort to save it, it has been dumbed down. Balls to me. But in fairness, I'd rather take a sharp stick in the eye than watch Bones, so I guess it's all in what you like. Overall, I'm generally unimpressed with everything on television this fall.

Ben said...

I'll give season one a shot, but I must say I'm relieved this season isn't an accurate representation. I was starting to think you had lost it.

Not a studio 60 fan? I think it's been fantastic. I caught 30 Rock and 20 Good years last night--both garbage. I had high hopes for 20 Good Years, and they were dashed in the first 45 seconds.

I would guess you'd really enjoy Bones. Have you ever sat through an episode? Try it sometime, and think of Vic Taylor's classes. For as much forensic crap, there is twice as much philosophy and search for truth. Then they usually weigh what is true vs. what is right. I think it's a lot deeper than you give it credit for.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I thought the Bob the Builder thing was comedy gold. I just hadn't been back in these here parts for a while. Every time I logged in, I saw that post about the woman who you're trying to drum up a laptop for.

Then, of course, I realized why you were on hiatus and...yeah.

Anyway, glad to see you can keep your sense of humor through all this shit.

BTW - Bones, Veronica Mars and Studio 60 can eat it! Prisonbreak! It's THAT friggin' good. Word is bond.

Jen said...

I don't watch tv so I can't comment. However, I can comment(as requested) on the Bob comment. That could have been one of those phrases that Thomas picked up and started repeating... "put it in my dumper!"
Its like the kid on Meet the Fockers- "ass.....hole"

me said...

I'm still about, still reading when I get the chance...

Honestly? I'm not funny. I read you for funnies. Then I have comment-fear because even your commentors are funny. So that's why you don't hear from me :)