Thursday, June 21, 2007

Help me out here...

Don't ask me why, but I was watching the Oxygen Network the other night. They were doing a special, the 50 Funniest Women Alive. The list was insulting at best--ranking Ellen Degeneres at #1, and to the best of my knowledge, leaving Phyllis Diller off the list entirely.

So give me your top 20. You can even do two, one alive, one all-time.

These are in no order--just my ideas for the all-time list:

Lucille Ball
Phyllis Diller
Carol Burnett
Gilda Radner
Joan Rivers
Whoopi Goldberg

That should get you started. If anyone still visits, please chime in.


elfcat said...

I can't think of 20 anything. I do however think Lucille Ball, Roseanne and Whoopi are some of the all time best. I still love to watch reruns of I Love Lucy and Roseanne. I know a lot of people hate her, but Roseanne cracks me up.

Philip. said...

I don't think I've ever heard of 50 funny women :-0

Ellie said...

Sorry, I must say Ellen is my fav! Tell you the truth I had to look Diller up to see who she was. Lucy Ball was old skool funny. I am not sure if I went to see her today I would pee myself from laughing.
I agree Roseanne is funny, but I would have to see her live.
I think Margaret Cho is funny.
Not a fan of whoopie. Can't stand Joan Rivers.

Ben said...

Ellen would be on my top 50 alive--I'm not sure she is worthy of All-time though.

Without Phyllis Diller, Ellen would have never existed, so pay her the proper respect. She pioneered women in Stand Up comedy.

As for Joan Rivers, love her or hate her, she was innovative--and she used to fill in on the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson. That alone speaks volumes.

Phillip, that's a common problem. Like it or not, ladies, men are just naturally funnier, for now. I think women could be hilarious, but they need to do a better job of appealing to what drives us men crazy. The funniest comics, men and women, disarm the audience by talking about their own neurotic behavior, problems, and home-life. It's also why the divorce rate is so very high among comics--their spouses don't think it's as funny as the rest of us.

Dave said...

OK... first off, ben, you are absolutely right... women havent yet established themselves as a major comedic force... that being said, i compiled a list of my top 20 funniest women of all time... i even put them in order (which i almost never do for a list)

20... Rhea Pearlman- She was great in cheers, and she is married to Danny Devito...

19... Margaret Cho- not incredibly funny, but just funny enough to eek out rhea

18... Debra Wilson- She was funny on Mad TV.... too bad no one was watching

17... Janeane Garafalo- Many people think she is too smart and arrogant to be funny, but i dont think so

16... Paula Poundstone- She kills with her standup. if you have a chance (or netflix) you should check her out sometime

15... Betty White- she is not the only golden girl on the list! i loved her on that 70s show, and malcom in the middle, and lake placid, and etc, etc, etc... has a knack for comedic timing

14... Carol Kane- I adored here in Scrooged, and she was equally incredibly funny in The Princess Bride

13... Sarah Chalke- Not a household name, but she plays Dr. Elliot Reed, in Scrubs, the funniest sitcom on TV

12... Jane Lynch- Have you seen 40 yr old Virgin? no? rent it now, and watch it... she is steve carrell's boss... she rocks! see her in many christopher guest movies too!

11... Nicole Sullivan- Another Mad TV alum, funnier than Debra, but no one noticed her either

ok... now we get to the women who can hold their own against any guy...

10... Jane Kaczmarek- She plays the funny angry person as well as adam sandler... maybe

9.... Catherine O'hara- Waiting for guffman? how about best in show? maybe mighty wind? i suppose i should mention home alone, but i dont really want to

8.... Madeline Kahn- you cant take your eyes off here while she is on the screen... she is sooo intense, but she can be really goofy at the same time... the harold ramis of her gender...but better

7.... Carol Burnett- I watched Noises off about a decade ago, and she was in it... it was so funny, i was forced to watch her show on nick at night... truly a master at her craft

6.... Bea Arthur- Mame, History of the World, ive seen some episodes of maude, plus she lent her voice to be the fem-puter in an episode of futurama...

5.... Samantha Bee- two bee's in a row... sorta... anyway, have you ever seen the daily show? ok, good... now you know why she makes the list

4.... Wanda Sykes- Pootie tang, curb your enthusiasm, clerks 2, great stand up... she lays it on the line, just like Ben says most women lack the courage to do...

3.... Lucille Ball- i feel i dont need to explain the top 3

2.... Gilda Radner- Apart from great work oin stand-up and SNL, she married Gene Wilder.... how cool is that?

1.... Sarah Silverman- How can i put her so high, you ask? because she is crass, takes the easy joke, then takes it a step too far, and then takes it even farther. i'm not afraid to say that she is FUNNIER THAN CHAPPELLE... watch her show! put "jesus is magic" on your netflix. Im sure this pick will cause some contreversy, and naysayers, but her standup made me laugh harder than any other standup ive ever seen

Ben said...

Ah Dave, you never cease to amaze and disappoint, often at the same time:

1) No one, I mean NO ONE, from Mad TV deserves to be on that list. That frees up a couple spots.

2) In one of those spots goes Phyllis Diller, who was yet again snubbed, even after I reminded you guys not to forget her.

3) Sarah Silverman is a hack. Sure, she's funny, but it's more of a "lets throw a ton of shit on the wall and see what sticks" funny. She might make my top 50--definitely top 50 alive--but she has no business in the top 10, and you should be kicked in the nuts for putting her number 1.

4) I'd switch Bea Arthur and Betty White, but that's just personal preference.

5) As far as being alive, and doing stand-up go, there aren't many better than Paula Poundstone. I've been into her since An Evening at the Improv back in the early 90s.

6) Sarah Chalke isn't a bad call, but I think she's a one-trick pony. Not so much a comedienne, but an actress who would be obsolete without writers and direction.

7) I'm a little disappointed Tina Fey didn't make your top 20. She's loads more talented than Sarah Silverman, head to toe.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I agree with your top three.