Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anyone out there?

I'm probably talking to myself at this point, since I haven't posted in a few months. My once mighty fan base has likely collapsed to a meager few--to those few, I thank you.

Where to start? Football? Television? The business? The kids?

I've been a busy boy. Building a business from the ground up sucks. I'm not going to lie about that. But it does come with two caveats:

1) It beats the hell out of working for the demon spawn of Osama bin Laden and Hitler who replaced my manager at my former place of employment.

2) Someday, it's going to be well worth the horse pucky.

I think I'll be profitable by Christmas 2008, and have my hefty business loans paid back by 2009--certainly no later than 2010.

Television is a limited in the summer for me. I always catch Hell's Kitchen, and this past week was Shark Week on the discovery channel. Stupid people serving themselves up as dinner is always entertaining. Two primary examples:

1) Chick who went swimming in a former meat plant's dumping bay. Gooooooood idea.
2) Two guys standing waste deep surrounded by 12 bull sharks. Not two seconds after one of them made a point to say they were not remotely interested in them, he got his calf bitten off.

Kids are a challenge. Thomas is two. He acts like he is two. It sorta comes with the territory. He's also become kinda whiny, so we are being careful not to pay attention to him during the fits, or bend to whatever it is that he wants. Ethan, thankfully, has become more independent. He's crawling, so he isnt frustrated as much. Thank God.

Let's round things out with football. The Bears had an awesome draft, they signed their young players to long term deals, they jettisoned a turd, and Grossman has been sharp in camp. Needless to say, many reasons for optimism. I'd say the playoffs are a lock, and they've got a reasonable chance to get back to the big one.

Listening to right now:

The Cure

Listening to a lot lately:

Any arrested development after the first album. These guys just dont get enough credit for being super awesome.


elfcat said...

Didn't anyone tell you that as soon as they turn three the terrible immediately stops? (If they did, they're lying!) Then they become the challenging threes!Enjoy.

Vixen said...

I had a Hitler at my last job too! And his[her] sidekick Hermann Goring.

Just felt like sharing.