Friday, September 05, 2008

Back to the Lighter Side of Television

So, the new shows are starting, and the old ones are making their way back. I've got two reviews for you tonight--Prison Break, and 90210.

I should attach a disclaimer with my review of Prison Break. My wife and I were *really* into it for about half of the first season. As soon as they got all "conspiracy that goes all the way up to the Oval Office" on us, we were sorta like, "uhh, did this just instantly get retarded?" She abandoned the show completely, I felt compelled to see where it's going.

Every time I write about the show, I criticize it. Yet I still watch. It isn't a masterpiece, but there must be some appeal. After much thought, I've decided the plot of the show is NOT retarded, but the NAME of the show is. It has nothing to do with escaping from prison. It barely had anything to do with escaping from prison in the first two seasons. The escape(s) were more of a vehicle to advance the real plot, which is the Company (which would be one of my obvious suggestions for the title of the show). But I digress....

SPOILER ALERT---Beyond this point, I will freely discuss what happened last time.

Well, the show has always been predictably unpredicable. True to form, in the first 15 minutes, they kill off two main characters from last season, but only let you enjoy it for about 10 seconds, as it is revealed that they were double-secret probation agents. It goes downhill from there.

Every year, I think "this is the year this wretched show finally jumps the shark for me." I'll let you know how many episodes I make it this year, but I really, really think this is it for me. It's been a long, painful death. Oh, and for those interested, the love interest of the main character who was decapitated last season is now alive again, and all of the main characters, enemies and friends alike, have formed a crew to steal 6 high-end blackberries from the Company, break into Company headquarters, decode said blackberries, and take the bitches down. The sad thing is the author said he had the first 5 or 8 seasons mapped out, so this can only get stupider.


My 90210 review is much, much shorter. I saw about 5 of the last 15 minutes of the premiere. It looked every bit as retarded as I thought it would. I even felt bad for Shannon Dougherty and Jennie Garth. Talk about clinging to your career by a thread. If you enjoyed One Tree Hill and The OC, this show is for you. If you have intelligence higher than the average poo-flinging chimpanzee, it probably isn't for you.


yellowdog granny said...

i forgot prison break was on and missed the first hour...i have no clue what's going on with that show anymore...but i like hot sweaty guys with no shirts and the guy that plays tbag is so good i watch just to see him slither out of stuff... 90210? i didn't watch it the first time around..but im going to miss saving grace, can't wait till it starts up again next season...

Ellie said...

90210 ans prison break...ya gotta do better than that!

I can't wait for Lost..

I got way back into my "the closer"

now I am looking forward to "The Fringe."

Ben said...

It's the only thing new on so far :)

I'm going to give the Fringe a try, but I'm not overly optimistic. Unfortunately, I've always thought Lost was borderline retarded (okay, full blown retarded). My brother, however, thinks very highly of it, and I have a great deal of respect for him. Maybe I'll give it another chance someday when I've got some netflix time to kill.