Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Football Wrap Up

I'll try and make this quick. Last week, I revealed my playoff picks. I'm thankful none of you made fun of me, but I understand that it's more likely my readership is down to 3 people, and perhaps a few pets when the owners leave for work. Anyway....

New York Jets
Denver Broncos
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Arizona Cardinals
New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles

Those are the teams I picked to make the playoffs that won in week one. The prospects of the Jets making the playoffs improved dramatically with the season ending injury to Tom Brady (When I said, "suck it, Tom Brady," I didn't mean suck it all the way to the IR).

I'm also pleased to report that, while still early, my Bears looked pretty good Sunday night. Matt Forte is the real deal, and it's been a while since Chicago could say that about their RB. Orton, while conservative, looked sharp. If the Bears can get a real WR, that offense might be in business.


Nicole said...

well NFL is soooo not my thing but since i just left a comment at Ellie's thought I should be fair and give you one too.

My Riders won the Grey Cup last Nov.

It was pretty damn exciting, but I am sure you will stifle a yawn upon reading this. lol

oh yeah...about your TV thread...I guess I live with a bunch of my daughter loves the new 90210 ( she is aged 14) and my hubby loves prison break...but I won't hold your insults against you! :-)

Ben said...

Yeah, my Bears got there two years ago, and returned the opening kickoff for a TD. It went downhill from there, but I was stoked for about 14 minutes. :-)

I can see how the new 90210 would appeal to a 14 year old girl. Hopefully, she outgrows it. So many 14 year old girls dont...

Prison break is interesting, i think. I just wish it had a title relevant to the show.

yellowdog granny said...

do you do this with the point spread? i did all 16 games with the point spread and I AM 15-1... i swear to the goddess, i picked 15 winners..damn indianapolis...

Dave said...

well, if indy was your problem, you can blame Ben's bears for that one.

do you really think the NFC north's winners will have tavaris jackson at the helm?

and jake delhomme's tommy john'd arm will hold up?

and the champs wont even make the show?

well, we are through week one, and it is kinda easy to be a monday morning QB (except for vince young and Tom Brady)

Ben said...

Did you really think the NFC North's winner of two years ago (and Super Bowl Runner Up) would have Rex Grossman at the helm?

Tommy John'd arms are generally stronger when they come back. Ideal for pitchers? No. Ideal for Football players? Not a big deal.

And I think NY lost too much on Defense to do it again. I fully expect their offense to be a train wreck by week 6. Jacobs can't stay healthy because he's too big to avoid big hits. Burress can't stay healthy because he's Burress.

Jay Smith said...
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elfcat said...

Speaking of embarassing, as a true Ravens fan, I'm still holding out that they will finally put together a good team...again. However in a house full of Steelers fans I'm not able to say it aloud for fear of being thrown on the next bonfire.


Nicole said...

I had to mention that I co-habitate with a 16 year old who worships the Steelers...( I blame his love for the NFL on wonky teenage hormones!!! :-p :-P :-p )

Infact, against my better judgement, I even purchased a steelers jersey for him for Chistmas ( a willie parker or something...could be wrong)

We have told the kids that when they graduate grade 12 that we will take them on a vacation...of course the Girl picked Germany ( in her 4th year of German school after all)
and what does that crazy boy pick....Pittsburg...wants to attend a Steelers home game.

( shakes head...wonders where it all went wrong...)