Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear John McCain


Click the link for an interesting story.

Also, let's talk about qualified VPs/Presidents:

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Nicole said...

a buddy of mine offered to send me a Vote Obama yard sign...I saw one in my city last Sunday and I thought how cool!

If I do get one, I may even take it to the next Rider home game....I bet that would get Canada talking..seeing a Vote Obama sign being waved at a CFL game! :-)

I thought of even snatching one off of someone's lawn when I go to Vegas ( 3 weeks today!!! yay), but then my buddy told me that you guys have to pay for those signs....

WTF is up with that!!!???

Here in Canada, candidate's offices call and beg you to put one up for free!

Our country just called an election on Monday...and the vote is going to be Oct very different from your country's election process, hey!