Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's Palin?

If this lady is so ready to lead, and so ready to be VP, and ready to be president if need be, how come she still won't speak to the press? Save Charlie Gibson, she has not had a single interview, or answered a single question. If she "doesn't blink" in the face of adversity or opportunity, why not have a press conference, instead of posing for photo ops at the United Nations?

In other news, for all the Freddie Mac slinging that Johnny Mac has been doing at Obama, maybe he should have taken his top adviser off of Freddie Mac's Payroll before the press caught wind of it. Stay Tuned...this is going to be a very big story over the next week.

When McCain said he's going to put Lobbyists where they belong, I guess what he really means by "where they belong" is "on my staff." Tell me again how this guy is managing to steal some of Obama's "change" ticket theme?

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