Friday, January 20, 2012

I've Become a Stalker

I knew when I returned to blogging, all of my former readers would be gone. I also knew most, if not all, of the blogs I used to read on a daily basis would also be gone. But I hoped beyond all hope that one would remain active. Or at least active enough where I could contact the former owner.

Please Do It, Ms Hewitt by a Concerned Fan

The premise of the blog was to start an online petition to Jennifer Love Hewitt to pose for playboy. That in itself is a noble cause, but the blog offered so much more: fake news, Eulogies from Gary Coleman, but what really kept me coming back for more was this man:

Letters from Wilford Brimley, speaking out about The Diabetes, Relationships, Chlamidya, and even NCAA brackets. That's the history. Let's fast forward to today.

The blog is dead, and has been for three years as of yesterday. I left a post there, hoping he still checked it from time to time. I sent an email to, and, hoping they were not defunct. My call went unanswered. I scoured his blog for clues to his identity or any other form of contact. I only know he is approximately my age, and lived in Cambridge.

Then I stumbled upon a final clue. My last, best chance. He went on to mention he was an old college buddy of another blogger. I again tried my best through the outdated contact information posted on his friend's dead blog. No dice.

Finally, I did the only thing left I knew to do. I googled his friend, found a living website, and sent him an email. Here was my plea:


I'm trying to track down a means to contact the former owner of the blog, Please Do It, Ms. Hewitt. He mentioned in one of his posts that you guys go back a ways, so I thought I would try contacting you. I tried emailing your but apparently that is also defunct.

I was a regular reader of Please Do It, Ms. Hewitt when I was an active blogger. Now, after several years hiatus, I've returned to the blogosphere only to find all of my favorite old haunts are gone. It's a credit to his writing that the author of PDIMH is the only one I'm actively stalking to post an update. Hopefully you can help.

I need to resurrect Wilford Brimley, just one more God damn time. I need one final plea to Ms. Hewitt to disrobe. If you know him, please forward my contact email to him. If you don't, I'm sorry to have bothered you. Thanks!

Ben McKnight"

Ladies and gentlemen, I received a response just now:

"I forwarded your e-mail to the friend of mine who I believe I'm remembering correctly was the author. So he may or may not get back to you, but I'm sure he will appreciate the note.


Okay, so it isn't exactly the response I hoped for, but "I think I know who you're talking about, I forwarded them the email, and you may or may not have hit a dead end" will have to do, unless any of you have any more suggestions.

What is my objective in all of this, you ask? Well, in a perfect world, I'll convince him to rise from the ashes and begin posting again. Shortly thereafter, we'll go out for beers since we live so close to each other (which I never realized until I started stalking).

It's not a perfect world, though. He may wish his blog to remain dead, having felt it has run its course. I can respect that. In that case, I'd just request written permission to carry the torch, and begin to post Wilford Letters shamelessly in his style. And maybe the occasional plea to Ms. Hewitt to disrobe. I'd like to do this to not only enrich this blog with stolen content, but to honor the memory of a once favorite read.

If you're still out there, Concerned Fan, know that you are missed. Hopefully my email makes it into your hands, and my pleas do not fall on deaf ears.

With Best Regards,
A Concerned Fan of A Concerned Fan


Mocha said...

Ben, it's good to see you. I'm glad you left breadcrumbs and I hope Mr. Brimley does something awesome to make you smile. :-)

A Concerned Fan said...

Long live Wilford! The blog is dead as evidenced by a 3 year old response. But thank you for reading!

Ben said...

Ha! Glad you're still alive. Obviously I gave up the blog, but I still get emails when people post (apparently). I was serious about the beer. Let me know if you're still in the area and want to grab one.