Thursday, July 13, 2006

Collect call from...


It's official. The longstanding streak of boys born on my side of the family will remain intact at 69 years and eight straight boys: My father, his brother, my two brothers, me, my nephew, my son, and now his brother due to arrive December 8th.

The name game continues as well. My wife and I still seem miles apart on the new additions moniker. My top choice is James, Russell, or Sebastian. The only thing I know for sure that she likes is Jonathan, but I think that comes perilously close to stealing her eldest brother's namesake. He's J.F. Clinton, III. I'm sure he's looking to stretch that to IV, since announcing his engagement earlier this summer.

So throw them at me. Let's have some names, folks. I'll have to think up some sort of prize if we choose yours.


Nicole said...

Ben, 1st have all, Congratulations!!!
I am soooo excited for you! Strong like Bull Benny!
I am also secretly pleased that my daughter is 12, and will probably already be off the market by the time your 2 little hormones are out and about in the world! hehehe

Now, Ben, we also share something else besides our sic thoughts.
Our 1st borns have the same name. Yes, great minds again!
If you name him James, { that is my husbands name}.
I myself am rooting for Nicolas. That is what I would have named my daughter, had she been born with a little penis.
Just think...Nicolas McKnight....
sounds like a winner to me.
{ you DON"T have to tell your wife it is after your FAVOURITE Canadian girl!!!}

Ben said...

Sure I do. She reads this blog, silly. Nicolas isn't a terrible suggestion though. I might like Nicoli better.

The bad news is because I like it, I can almost guarantee my wife will not. At least that's what happened with every other choice.

Nicole said...

give her my # and we'll chat then.

Or, Mrs. B since you are a or email me yourself. Nicolas means victor of the people and the namesake is a pretty cool, multi-talented, witty kind-hearted role model.
Nicolas isn't a terrible suggestion though could do alot worse my friend
Thomas and Nicolas go together QUITE well IMO.
wasn't Jonathon McKnight a New Kid on the Block????
Say it ain't so Benny.....

carrie said...

my son's name is atticus.

D said...

Congrats to you and your wife!

I kept trying to get the pregnant girl in my office to name her baby either Brick, Hawke or Jett. No dice though - so they're up for grabs!

Jen said...

I actually had your same subject line as my away message yesterday. Here are my brothers suggestions for boy names: Ishmael, Able, Joshua, Nick.
He said Joshua Benjamin McKnight had a nice sound, and I agree.
Actually, I don't know if I like the name Nicolas or Nick. Maybe I've known too many Nicks that I didn't like. You also have the almost ryming name scheme:
When you're yelling at your kids, or trying to get their attention, you're going to have both of them looking/ trying to ignore you.
Take my moms family for example. There's Mary, Sherry, Terry, and Chuck. That's too many "rry"s.
I still like the name Owen, and Atticus has a nice ring to it as well. Atticus McKnight!