Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Hope everyone had a safe but exciting 4th. Mine couldn't have been better.

Today's post is about Guilty Pleasures. We've all got them, and few of us would like to admit them. I'm going to focus (again) on music, but feel free to stray anywhere within the realm, so long as it's something you're ashamed to like.

I bitch about music a lot. This leads some people to falsely believe that I think my taste in music is impecable. These revelations should clear up any misconceptions. I generally know when something sucks, but sometimes, even when it sucks, I like it anyway. Here's a quick list of songs I like:

  • Daniel Powter's bad day song
    I know. It's terrible. When I have a bad day, though, I can't get it out of my head, and on some level, it makes me feel a little better. The good news is, I seriously doubt he'll have another 'hit' to further corrupt my taste, and I'm aware he sucks balls, unlike the rest of his fans.

  • White Lion
    This 80s band enjoyed brief popularity, but man do they suck. For some reason though, I programmed them into my Sirius artist seek list. You can lump Poison in here too.

  • Young MC
    This lyrical genius never made it very far either. Thankfully, before sucking out, he left us words of wisdom that men can take to the bank: "You got no money and you got no car, then you got no woman, and there you are." Truer words were never spoken.

  • American Idol
    There's all kinds of layers of entertainment buried in this steamy pile of crap.

  • David Hasselhoff
    His new show in the American Idol format is awesome. Same layers, but with the German Superstar himself.

So there goes my armor. I fully expect to be flogged while exposed. Just grant me the dignity of leaving some of your own.


D said...

Okay - guilty pleasure song. Ben, by Michael Jackson. Yeah, I know it's about a damned rat, and I don't care. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

I don't think I'm in any position now to make fun of your selections.

Ben said...

I gotta love a song that bears my name. I still need to see that movie...

Jason Doan said...

I really like the movie Armageddon. I have no idea why and it makes me feel dirty that I do.

Tillerman said...

My guilty pleasure is reading your blog. I'm so ashamed of myself for liking such crap.

Ben said...

Indeed, Tillerman, it is mostly an exploration of depravity. I'm ashamed you like it as well, but I'm happy to have you here. It won't be so thoughtless everyday--it just seems that way as of late.

Scooter said...

Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone

Reality Shows on VH1 (The Sureal Life, Flavor of Love et al. but I haven't stooped so low to watch the Brady show)

Scooter McGavin's 9th Green

Tillerman said...

Please don't be so thoughtless as to stop being thoughtless. It's your one redeeming feature.

Nicole said...

Ok, I'll spill, why not, you know lots of dirt on me already.

One { I have LOTS} of my guilty pleasures is when I am home cleaning my house, I blast George Michaels: Faith and I Want Your Sex. I love to to sing and dance to it and Hell, it makes dusting fly by

Ellie said...

so which is your Power theme song??? you should drop by again to let me know...100 be up for grabs.