Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mondays this Fall: The Class

This series is dedicated to new shows coming this fall. I'll cover a show a day for the next month.

"The Class"

When: Mondays, 8:00 PM EST
Who: Jason Ritter, Andrea Anders, Lizzy Caplan, Sean Maguire
Where: CBS

You know how much you love going to reunions?

"What the hell are you talking about, Ben? Why would I want to see people I haven't seen in 10 years? I didn't like them enough to keep in touch then, why would I want to see them now?"


Anyway, here's an excerpt from IMDB.com that just about sums up why no one will watch this show this fall:

"For an anniversary gift for his girlfriend Joan, Ethan gives her a surprise party with a few members of their third grade class...Every thing has change and new friendships a formed when the class reunites...The "class clown" still lives at home and starts going out with the "beautiful girl next door." The unpopular nerd is now going out with the girl who barley noticed him in school. In addition, a woman finds out that her high school crush is now gay...A whole lot more happens when this class reunites and starts new friendships."

Wow! Who approved this puke, and where do I apply for his job when he gets shit-canned this spring? Nice going, doorknob.

The talent:

When browsing through, I noticed that the star is none other than John Ritter's son, Jason. I (briefly) looked forward to it not because Jason is at all talented, but I like just about anything that reminds me of John.

Then I remembered that I thought I loved anything that reminded me of John Belushi, until I saw anything that involved Jim Belushi. (See: K-9, K-911, K-9: P.I., Mr. Destiny, Joe Somebody, "According to Jim").

Lizzy Caplan was in a few episodes of Freaks & Geeks, which has a special place in my memory, so I'm electing not to trash her. Nobody else was in anything worth mentioning.

Projected Watchability:

Women: 0 out of 10
Men: 0 out of 10

Projected Longevity:

The good news is that one of the creators was an executive producer of "Friends." That explains how this ever made it to fruition (but you can kiss any leeway you had from your track record, and your career good-bye after this one, buddy).

The bad news is the co-creator wrote for "Mad About You." Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt sure were funny!

And what I mean by "funny" is "absolutely, utterly, and depressingly not funny."

If there was ever a lock for "pulled after four episodes," this is it. They might give the Chevy Chase Show a run for its money.


yellowdog granny said...

nah..I don't think so...if i even see anyone i went to school with i break out into a cold sweat...one person i went to school with? priscilla presley...really....scarry huh?

Ben said...

Yeah, my 10 year reunion is coming up this october and I'm not looking forward to it. There are a few guys I'd really like to see, but mostly, I'm wishing bad things on the rest of them.

Can you believe this show's premise? F'n ridiculous. I wonder what goes on in those meetings when the decide to put something on the air.

sarah - crazyblueyes said...

Somehow I came out of highschool with my sanity unscathed though I have found myself to casually duck down an isle or keep going as though I hadn't seen them there.

I agree with you on this show.

And the cookies are already gone and I'm pretty sure I ate the most of them. The only time in my life a Dr will encourage me to gain weight might as well enjoy it a little huh?

Ellie said...

sigh... I miss john...sigh again.

Shari said...

The most amazing thing about living with geeks is that they tend to download pilots months before they air.

I've watched The Class and it's not terrible. (Aside from the ever annoying laugh track.) A couple of the characters are quirky and likeable, but sometimes the show is too sweet to watch without vomitting. It does have potential though.

It's hard to judge from the first episode because they always pack so much character development in such a way that contradicts with normal viewing fluidity.

But as I said, potential.

My new favorite soon to be aired show is Heroes. First episode was phenomenal.