Friday, October 20, 2006

Talladega Scoundrels

In my newfound free time, Deb and I have managed to use a few of our movie passes. We've amassed quite a collection of free passes, so it's great to finally burn some. We caught the Legend of Ricky Bobby, and School for Scoundrels.

Ricky Bobby was disappointing. With the exception of a few cougar scenes, it didn't draw many laughs. I think I've decided I love Will Ferrel as a cameo or supporting actor, but he just can't carry a movie.

School for Scoundrels was equally disappointing, and I blame Jon Heder. He's letting Mormonism get in the way of being funny. I think I came in expecting Bad Santa, and instead got, well, some bullshit that was barely watchable. Billy Bob Thorton is THE premiere Hollywood Asshole. You just can't find a bigger dickhead. Why limit him to PG-13? This movie could have been hilarious. Instead, it was crappy. The highlight for me was seeing that Tenacious D is making a movie. The Rock Gods have finally ended their silence.


justin said...

Don't get too excited just yet. The D have been making this movie for atleast 3 has had script problems, director problems...You get the idea. Those two are great and the HBO shorts were very funny, so I root for a good movie. However, if I was a betting man.... Speaking of funny, Earl seems to have come around in a big way this week.

Ben said...

Yeah, Earl has been much better as of late. Thank god.

Too bad about the D. Maybe it will be one of those great bad movies. If they work it that way, I can still see it being worthwhile. If you ask me, Jack Black is much better off the cuff anyways.

Did you see the Departed yet? We were going to see that instead of Scoundrels, but Deb's brother said it was just alright, and the Boston accents sounded ridiculous except DiCaprio's. Maybe they are just over-sensitive about it around here.

Robert said...

I agree that Taledega Nights was a big disappointment. This brand of comedies has become tedious. It’s the same jokes over and over. Sasha Cohen totally carried the movie.

Earl started slow but has gotten better. I thought the rock band episode was the only one that wasn’t that great.

As for the Departed, I haven’t seen it but I have heard nothing but good things.

Have you seen Dexter on Showtime? Joanna and I watched the first episode. It’s really good but very creepy. It’s about a serial killer who kills other serial killers. You can see the first two episodes of the show here.

justin said...

Just saw The Departed on Saturday. I'm sure the accents pretty much blow, but the movie is very good. Generally, it is sort of distracting that every one in the whole film is a "movie star," but the convoluted plot keeps you guessing. It's easily Scorsese's best since Goodfellas/Casino. The argument seems to be whether it is as good or better than Goodfellas. I say neither, but still worth a look.