Friday, December 15, 2006

Silhouettes and Peter Pan

Back in May, I encouraged my then loyal readers to explore their minds for someone special to them that they haven't seen or spoke to in a while. If you need a refresher, take a look here.

I'm pleased to share that the I've located the Durlings on my list. Actually, one of them located me. The other two weren't hard to find after that. Two of them are no longer Durlings, which explains why it was complicated to find them.

I'm really glad that the lines of communication have re-opened. I'm afraid the rest of my list will be just as difficult. Has anyone else found an old high school friend, college roommate, or former neighbor?


Anonymous said...

I recently got in touch with a friend I knew briefly in my freshman year of college. He's happily married and is working in a field he has a passion and natural talent for. Good to know. It makes me happy to know he's doing well.

I still have a few on my list, but I'm getting there over time.

Anonymous said...

Um, my computer just spazzed and posted that, like, a bajillion times. Feel free to delete. :^)