Saturday, February 10, 2007

Celebrity Hilarity

I really didn't care that Anna Nicole Smith died. It wasn't even in the top 10,000 list of things I care about. I thought to myself, after seeing everyone blog about it, "I know what I'm NOT going to blog about. YouTube changed all that.

Thanks to this hilarious parody, I'll forever loosely associate Anna Nicole Smith with Princess Di.


Vlad said...

I will loosely compare you to Hitler...sick-o.

Ben said...

Forgive him, folks, Vlad's a little uptight when it comes to death. Like when I made fun of that dumbass for drinking too much water for a Wii.

Tisha! said...

leave it to you to find that vid! you disgust me! LMAO

Carl Bryant said...

Enough hoopla was given Marilyn and Di so that their deaths became poignant statements of classy women battling with expectations tragically beyond their control and eventually losing.

I never saw Miz Smith that way. She seemed to embrace wholeheartedly the role of big-breasted meat puppet.

Her death - while tragic - doesn't resonate in my brain with any picture that isn't glossy and creased.

The parody speaks to this, and is well done. The cheesy vocals nail it perfectly.

Ellie said...

Ben ..the song was originally written for Marilyn Monroe. Princess Di got scraps from Sir Elton... I thought that was kinda shighty..but hey, England loved it!

ps...going on my third time typing those verification letters grrrrr