Sunday, February 11, 2007

Last week in Television


Heroes: Meh. This show's inevitably going to lose me.

Studio 60: Still good, but the love circus is still annoying. Hopefully it goes in a new direction.


House: Mercifully, a dramatic improvement from the previous episode. It could have been the "ugly friend" factor, though. The previous episode was so impossibly bad that they could have showed 60 minutes of Hugh Laurie taking a dump and it would have been an improvement.


Still decent. It could have been better, and there were some predictable parts, but the overall examination of truth vs justice remained solid.


Thursday is a happy day for me. It's two solid hours of comedic genius. My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, and 30 Rock. While the first three require no introduction (they're pretty much cookie-cutter sitcoms that are well-written and entertaining), 30 Rock needs some props. Crazy megalomaniac Tracy Morgan does an excellent job playing a crazy megalomaniac, and Alec Baldwin was made for television. I sort of wish he never made movies--he's much better on the networks. Tina Fey writing is just an added bonus. Seeing Pee-Wee Herman in a bit role was about the funniest thing I've ever seen.

After that, I wind down with Men in Trees. It's been hit or miss lately, but last week it was mediocre leaning on the side of decent.

Sorry, DJShovelpants, if you still read. I gave Prison Break another shot this season, and it still sucks wind. The good news is, your old blog is no longer gay porn. It just doesn't exist.

Update: I'm going to conduct a little science experiment. It's probably not the kind of clientel I want at this blog, but I wonder how many hits I'll get from google from this:

Anna Nicole Smith autopsy pics and photographs.


Attila The Mom said...

I didn't come here with the Smith search! I promise!

I'm totally with you on House. That episode was bad with raisins in it.

I also have a real difficult time watching Bones. I think it's because I've read all the books, and the lead character on TV is a complete departure from the original. And I was so looking forward to it!

Great reviews!

Ellie said...

Oh Ben!!!! Don't go there with autopsy photos! But if you are into
It's a nasty little sight.

What's up with doggin on my House..Hugh is such a sexy cripple!

Ben said...

Ohhhh I know all about rotten. I finally had to stop going there, because I found it too disturbing.

And I've got no interest in seeing Anna Nicole's stank-dead corpse. But I do like to use my stat tracker. I just want to know how many people visit by googling that. I'll be sure to post the results.

Ben said...

Oh yeah, and come on...two weeks ago was about the worst House ever. I asked my wife if we could watch something else.

The show really needs to stick to what it does well. We don't need (or want) to see the human side of House, or some jackhole cop who doesn't appreciate being violated.

If I wanted a more human house, I'd watch ER.

Ellie said...

Yeah.. I can't do rotten either.

As far as house was to show the human side of him. Having that girl for a patient was like an awakening for him. I didn't like the last house...toothpick in the tush..boring!

Ben said...

Yep. Not interested in any human side. I've seen ER, and it sucks.

I watch for a megalomaniac, infallible, son of a bitch with a cane!

Like i said, I liked last week, but it could be the "ugly friend factor."

Attila The Mom said...

Mad TV did a hilarious spoof on House. Now every time it comes on, hubby and I mock him.

We love House on drugs!